Evelyn "Joy" Johnson

 Founder of Empowered Christian Women, Speaker, Singer, and Writer

Evelyn J. Johnson aka Lady Evelyn, founder of Empowered Christian Women, a place for individuals that want to shape their lives spiritually. Many individuals have been Empowered, Encourage, Inspired and Motivated which have come in contact with her. The impact of each individual that has encountered Empowered Christian Women left a lasting impression on her life.

Evelyn is Talk Show Host of Empowered Christian Women; she has produced and hosted a local Television Show in Denton, TX. Speaker, singer, and writer.

Evelyn is married and been blessed to raise one son! Evelyn is a speaker, singer, and chooses to coach/minister to young/adult women, seasoned women and church congregations. All those God has placed in her path.

Evelyn did not know what God had planned for her life! Evelyn's journey was filled with bumps and bruises along the way. And Evelyn knew she had sustained more bruises than bumps, but she believed in order to be used by God she will be tested and tried.

Evelyn was raised in a large family consisting of eight children, and she was the second oldest child. Evelyn was shy, but had lots of friends. It really amazed her, how God has used her through communication to speak to others. And God has gifted her to move into her destiny.

Evelyn grew up as a preacher's child; so many people could just imagine living the life of a PK! But then again many people may not! It was tough at times, because you were always under a watchful eye of people. So Evelyn left the church at the age of 18 years old! Evelyn vowed never to return back to church, but again God had another plan. Evelyn lived the worldly lifestyle, but God kept tugging at her heart. She finally returned back to her gospel roots, and rededicated her life back to God! And shortly after doing so, Evelyn had a near death experience in August of 1982. Evelyn felt like this was God telling her that he was allowing her a second chance to fulfill the plan he had for her!

Evelyn is reaching out globally to those that don't attend church, feeding the hungry, and doing the mission work God wants all those that serve him to do!

Now, take a bold step toward God, and he will take you further than you want to go!

Be Blessed!

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