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Lilisa J. Williams

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Lilisa J. Williams

Once destitute and homeless, Lilisa J. Williams is now living her dreams.

The four-time author, PhD candidate, and entrepreneur has spent the past 20 years creating and delivering interesting and lively content. She addresses issues and topics relevant to personal and spiritual development. A large part of her mission is to challenge individuals, students, employees, congregations, and professionals to acquire the skills needed to excel as personal, professional and spiritual leaders.

Williams' work has not gone unnoticed. During her career, she has received multiple promotions and awards in the training and development fields, and an array of media attention. Additionally, she oversees the day to day operations of her own training and performance improvement organization, Performance Strategies Unlimited, Inc. Despite success that would indicate a lifelong passion for her vocation, Lilisa J. Williams admits that her journey started with a less than ideal, beginning. Being molested from ages 5 - 18 and dropping out of high school, eventually led to a life of prostitution, drug dealing, and incarceration.

Life was challenging, but Lilisa changed her thinking to not just survive, but thrive. "My focus turned to leaving my past, and arriving to my future," Williams explained. "But I had to take low-paying jobs because I lacked basic skills. I didn't understand what I needed to be successful because of my lack of competencies."

She eventually earned her Associate's, Bachelor's and Master's degrees. During this time, Lilisa found herself exploring and participating in professional training programs. She credits a Vice President of a company she worked with as being the mentor who helped motivate her to act upon her dreams of becoming a life coach and trainer.

Williams derives her ideas from her personal life experiences, interviews, observations, and building upon her knowledge and skills. She attributes her tumultuous success to releasing her power and teaches others how to do the same. Lilisa helps individuals navigate through the intersection of motivation, and sound goals. "Motivation is the key for individuals to remove the barriers in their lives, and do what they have to do," Williams says. "I want to help them remove those barriers."

A dynamic speaker, Lilisa uses inspirational, motivational, educational, and training techniques to connect with her audiences. A partial list of her topics include: Succeeding In The Face of Competition, Out Performing YourSelf, Managing Change & Innovation, Mastering Your Emotions At Work, How To Build A High Performing Team, and How To Communicate With Difficult Employees.

Lilisa J. Williams earned her BA in Political Science and MBA in Human Resources at Farleigh Dickerson University, and is currently working on her doctorate. She is scheduled to graduate in the spring of 2012 from Capella University. Upon completion she will continue to work in the Leadership training.

She is immediately available for interviews and speaking engagements. For additional information, email info@lilisajwilliams and visit

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