Saturday, June 02, 2012

Mom & Son

I wanted to share this video with everyone here at Empowered Christian Women.  It it a special moment with my son!  We loved having fun, so this is filled with some comedy and serious singing. 

Many mothers share great relationships with their sons, but never expect their sons to grow up and move away from home.  Well my son finally decided it was time for his right of passage. 
As a mother I pray every day for my son that he makes the right decision, and choices.  In the season of his departure, I realized that he does belong to God.  God know every decision and choice he will make; only to know that he belongs to God makes me feel alright about the departure.
Then I thought of another woman in the bible that had to release her son, because of the vow she had made with God.

Hannah Cried Out to God!  God blessed her with the child she desired!  A SON!

Hannah's son was much much younger than my son when she gave him to the priest to live at the temple.
In the natural could you do what Hannah done?
Maybe not, but
when I read about how this mother made a VOW to give her son back to God, after God blessed her to have her son.  It brought tears to my eyes.
All I can say about Hannah she had committment, loyalty, strength and power. Hannah gave me courage to let my son go. 
Do I miss him? Yes!
  Do I trust God enough to protect and cover my son, who is  trying to live in  this world

  Enough said...just keep my son lifted up in prayers and all our young adults.

If you are a believer and your child has moved away from home; know that God will watch over them and keep them. 

God love our children and he "chase does that he love" if they stray.

Be blessed!

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