Wednesday, February 22, 2012

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Precious Hearts Foundation - Elva "Precious Love" Thompson

Elva "Precious Love" Thompson
Precious Hearts Foundation,
 President & Founder
Elva "Precious Love" Thompson, President & Founder of Precious Hearts Foundation, will stopping to introduce her organization us and the international community.  Elva's organization is a Non-Profit 501c3 organization nationwide.  Their purpose is to aid men, women, and children who are victims of domestic abuse.
 Elva, is a  single mother of 5, author and publisher  for EsquirePublications- where she has 7 novels, but 2 of them are geared toward domestic violence (1) A Mother's Cry, my story and (2) Battered Secrets: MEN of Domestic Violence, story of many men from across the US who were victims of domestic abuse; if you need support they offer 24 hour 800 advocate helpline: 1-877-731-2210. 

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Posted with the permission of Elva "Precious Love" Thompson of Precious Love Foundation