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Show Guest: Beverly Thomas-Brewer

Speaker, blogger, Single Mother, Preacher Daughter;
she recently obtained her Master
Degree in Psychology

Beverly Thomas-Brewer has recently obtained her Master's Degree in Psychology, and is a new upcoming internet blogger. 
Beverly is a single mother who raised four children, and needed  to move forward in her life, she stated that "she decided to return back to school to get a better education to continue to provide for her family."
Beverly, has defied all odds and is equipped to bring spiritual encouragement to those that are lost.   She decided to come on the show to discuss the following:
  • Are you feeling spiritually challenged?
  • Or feeling like the church has not fulfilled your spiritual needs.
We discuss some of the reasons for being overwhelmed with church issues; stop by and get spiritually restored.

Post with permission by Beverly Brewer at Empowered Light by Design

Empowered Christian Women Event Keynote Speaker: Pamela Sauer

Founder of Transformed Through the Word,
Speaker, Author, Teacher,
Wife and Mother

Pam Sauer is the
author of "No More Bondage" and "Extreme Transformation Temple Edition." She is a powerful teacher who will share from her heart with humor and boldness. Her passion and love for the Lord is contagious. Pam is the mother of four and the wife of one, Randy Sauer. She resides in Missouri.
No More BondageExtreme Transformation Temple-Edition

Pamela will be speaking at the first Empowered Christian Women Event, Saturday, April 30, 2011 at 12:00 p.m. noon - 3:00 p.m. 

Location:  Best Western Broadway Inn and Suite (click here for direction to event)
                          6101 N Santa Fe Ave
                 Oklahoma City, OK 73118-7526

We plan to have an awesome time, please plan to meet us there!

Enjoy listening to a great interview January 2008 with our guest Pamela Sauer, on 

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Posted with the permission of Pamela Sauer at Transformed Through the Word

Evelyn "JOY" Johnson, Founder

Founder of Empowered Christian Women, Speaker, Internet Radio Personality,
Television Host and Producer,
Ordained Deacon Wife, Preacher Daughter, & Wonderful Mother

I want to thank everyone for reading or supporting this ministry with your encouraging comments.  God has been good to our family here at Empowered Christian Women, and he taking this movment to another level.
I am excited that God has planted many gifts inside of me, and I am utilizing every gift.  It is amazing What God can do in your life!
I was totally and spiritually transformed last year 2010, when GOD showed our immediate family how he will bless you even when you do not see it coming. I always get chills thinking about what God did in our lives last year.
God will place people in your path that will share miracles, which they did not even know they were being instructed by God to help us.
If you have any doubt about what God will do, just stop reading this right now, and pull out a tablet and starting writing down everything you done on your own.  You will probably be surpised that your pages maybe blank.   And then start writing down what God has done in your LIFE, and I will guarantee that you will have a full page or pages of what God has done!
There have been so many blessings that God has pour out our way, but one great blessing is that we were able to sell our home in St. Louis, Missouri in a DEPRESSED RECESSION, and God enabled us to find another beautiful home back in Dallas Texas. 
I am excited to be living back in Texas, and since being back I have been so active in Church.
But I love taking the time out of my schedule to thank those that makes time to stops by and are able to enjoy some of things I have posted here on my blog.
Now there is more to my testimony and I won't be able to post here, but it had a powerful ending!  
If you would like to hear more about my testimony or would like to book me for your next Christian Event please email me at

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Always remember that God Loves YOU!  Be Blessed

Lady Evelyn J. Johnson

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