Friday, January 28, 2011

Evelyn Jackson w/Divalyn Small Business Guru

CEO, Divalyn's Small Business Guru,
Co-Owner Pastry Diva, and Author
Evelyn Jackson’s journey started when she was involved in a tractor trailer accident that left her totally bedridden for two years. She learned early on that the corporate world don't support or take care of their own. Evelyn worked in the corporate world for over fifteen years as a supervisor and was fired me because she was no longer able to walk... That's when she realized that having your own business is the only way to go.

The first thing she had to do was find a business that she could do from her bed, which lead her to Avon Products. Evelyn knew how to work the MLM business because she had won the use of a FREE Mary Kay car for a few years. She worked her Avon business from her bed, while her daughter was her legs... Evelyn worked the phone and her daughter did the deliveries with her mom. Evelyn became the first African American Executive in her district; she won two FREE cruises to the Bahamas, which she was able to attend while walking with a cane; she won numerous trophies and monetary gifts. Evelyn was also number one in the entire Destiny Region for Leadership growth, which she have over two hundred people on her team.

It is in her heart to help people grow and to work with the less fortunate. Evelyn has been the Philadelphia Block Captain for over twelve years, which gives her plenty of struggling and learning skills.

Evelyn has helped so many people start their own businesses and a few clients said she should start charging a fee for her services. This gave her a wonderful idea, and this is how D.S.B.G came to life. Evelyn’s first official client, which she is a Co-owner, is Pastry Divas... In Ten months Pastry Divas sold over Three hundred tier/3D cakes. Pastry Divas also sold over a thousand cupcakes and donated over two thousand cupcakes to various organizations. She took Pastry Divas from having no money, to making over $30,000 dollars in ten months.

Evelyn has helped many Micro-small businesses (2 or less owners) become successful, that she has been asked to write articles, and her company has been featured in various Blogs. And she has been given membership to various organizations.

Evelyn’s recent accomplishment is her new Marketing Book... The Divalyn Pleasure Guide to Marketing Your Micro-Small Business.  Evelyn named it this way because she wanted you to treat your business as something you love... Evelyn's chapters are unique, but it's all about growing your business. She loves what she does, and wanted to share it in this book. Evelyn states "she is different and it shows in her book and in her marketing style."

Evelyn recently accepted the responsibility of being Chief Marketing Director for a fast and upcoming organization called EUSA. This company is about building relationships with business development associations and other organizations representing the interest of entrepreneurs, as they teach, prepare, network and build for success.

Divalyn Small Business Guru (D.S.B.G.) believes that Social media, Technology and the online presence are very important for growth. This is why we offer unique and crazy ideas those other business consultants thinks is a waste of time. We believe if you're not up to date with Technology, you will fail in the business world. We are one of a kind, we are unique and we will be a Fortune 500 Company.

Welcome to my world,

Evelyn Jackson

Posted with permission of Evelyn Jackson, owner of Divalyn Small Business Guru

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