Saturday, November 20, 2010

Lady Elder Bessie Sims

Multi-talent Teacher,
Speaker, Contributing Writer, and Life Coach
Lady Elder Bessie Sims is a multi-talented teacher, speaker, and life coach. Her voice and prophetic anointing are used by God to blow the trumpet to end-time believers so they may hear the clarion call of God across the nation. Anointed with a true apostolic and prophetic call her desire is to leave an imprint on every life she comes in contact with by encouraging them to come into the knowledge of the power that worketh in them to do exceedingly, abundantly above all they can ask or think.

Her mandate from the Lord is to travel the breadth of this country to preach, teach, motivate and build the Body of Christ with revelation, prophetic insight, wisdom, knowledge and help the people of God to return to their first love through prayer and true worship. God's powerful fivefold anointing is evidence as she ministers the word with power and authority. Restoration, deliverance and miracles are signs of the power of God in her ministry.

Be in expectation of a move of Spirit through the dunamis power of God that flows in this prophetic ministry that will revive the power that worketh in you.

She is a visionary called and commissioned by the Lord to empower women and help them discover who they are. As a result of this commission she launched Phenomenal Woman Empowerment Alliance, Inc. PWEA focus on inspiring, encouraging and empowering women to understand their worth, the power within, their passion and purpose for life to become the Phenomenal Woman they meant to be! The PWEA is dedicated to challenging women from all walks of life and socioeconomic platforms to embrace their God given passion and purpose, cultivate their talent, and become a phenomenal leader in every area of their life!!

Lady Elder Bessie and her two daugthers were
Contributing writers for "Victorious Living for Moms"

Phenomenal Women:  "The Journey Conference" - Feburary 3 - Feburary 5, 2011

Posted with the permission of Lady Elder Bessie Sims, CEO & Founder of Millennium-Ministries for Christ, Inc.

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