Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Strand of Pearls - Theresa Westbrook

Theresa Westbrook is a nurse and has worked in the medical field for the last ten years. She is a licensed and ordained minister and the founder of Pearls of Shalom Ministries. She is actively sharing her witness through speaking engagements and radio and television programs. Theresa effectively leads and hosts meetings for women in ministry. She has served many years in pastoral ministry along side her husband of over thirty-five years, Don Westbrook. She is blessed to be mother, mother-in-law and a proud grandmother.

Theresa's Book: Endorsed by Frank Minirth MD of Minirth Christian Clinics

In her emotionally charged book, A Strand of Pearls, author Theresa Westbrook will share a very intimate glimpse into her own personal story of childhood sexual abuse. Join her in this written journey to discover how she triumphed over the traumatic pain. If you or someone you know is struggling with the wounds of abuse, be encouraged. Somewhere deep within you there is a glowing treasure. Through Christ you can emerge with the beauty and strength of the pearl.

Theresa's Music Video:

God's Pearl DVD/CD set is ideal to give to those who struggle with the pain of abuse. The lyrics offer hope and healing to wounded hearts and the video depicts Theresa's own personal story of childhood abuse in a creative and powerful way.

The book,
A Strand of Pearls and the video God's Pearl, are valuable resources to give to church leaders, counselors, schools and parents.

To schedule Theresa Westbrook, at Pearls of Shalom Ministries call 940-902-9579 or email

posted with permission of Theresa Westbrook, founder of Pearls of Shalom

Theresa & Don, are great friends, prayer partner, that our family have found along this spiritual journey. Please stop by the website and show some love and support. You will be truly blessed!

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