Saturday, February 28, 2009

O Clap Your Hands

How often have you clapped your hands? Have you ever listen to the thunderous volume your hands can make? Do you believe that your hands are an instrument for GOD? I certainly do! I want you to just stop right now, and start clapping! Did you hear the powerful sound from your hands?

God has equipped you with your own personal instrument to praise him. I have even notice toddlers in church services so fascinated when they start clapping their hand; they get so excited! It is almost as if their trying to figure out where the sound is coming from.
At the next church service start listening to the thunderous applause, when the congregation is applauding. I am always amazed at what our GOD has given us to worship and magnify his name with.

I was so touch with two scriptures that reads:

"O Clap your hands, all ye people, shout unto God with the voice of Triumph"! Psalm 47:1 KJV ( We are to clap our hands people! So CLAP!)

"Let the floods clap their hands: Let the Hills be joyful together". Psalm 98:8 KJV (Just imagine when sailors are out on the sea, and waves start clashing the sound could be deafening, but the waves are clapping!)

Our God has gifted your hands for a reason, and that is to clap them and praise him! Could you imagine how God is feeling, when the people he created is using the instrument to edify him!

So the next time when you are in the House of Prayer, make sure you are clapping your hands, and then "SHOUT unto GOD with The Voice of Truimph!

Be Blessed!

(c)2009 Evelyn J. Johnson aka Lady Evelyn J.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pray for Pastor's Children

Please help me pray for all minister's children. Minister's children are always under a watchful eye. And when some are exposed...I believe they are crying out for help! Continue to pray for everyones child, but especially the minister's child.

Lady Evelyn J. (PK)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sanerica Gipson is a dedicated christian woman who's main goal in life is too see the lost come to Christ and live. Her life is one of service to the call that the Lord has placed upon her. She has a loving heart filled with compassion for the the broken hearted. Words alone aren't enough to give a complete expression of her deepest love for our Father God. She was given a vision by the Father to compel christian women for service and to outreach to the hurting & the community, in a generation that has lost the utmost respect for people as a whole. As Jesus said in John 15:13 (KJV) "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends". This ministry is built on the very foundation of God's Word. No one is an enemy. Only the devil, eveyone is welcomed, no matter what denomination or color. She is also a member of Word of Life Center in Shreveport, La., and has a certificate in Biblical Studies. She is currently pursuing her degree in Christian Counseling.

Written By: Stephen Patrick Gipson,
Posted with the permission of Sanerica Gipson, founder of Sanerica Gipson Ministry.

Love Is In The Air!

Today is a day that couples are showing their love for one another, on this day called Valentine. On my way home this afternoon, I glanced over into a vehicle on the highway; there was a gentleman struggling to drive, and hold a beautiful array of roses for someone. I thought someone was going to showered with some beautiful flowers today! So don't let this day go by without showing some love to the one you love!
And remember JESUS loves YOU! Why? Because the bible tells us so! (I bet you remember singing this song in children's Sunday School class)....But it is true Jesus loves YOU!
Be Blessed!

© 2009 Evelyn J. Johnson aka Lady Evelyn J.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tribute To Andrew Thomas

I have witnessed in my lifetime some memorable tragedies. I remember quite vividly the April 1995 bombing in Oklahoma City. I was on my job as a Claims Adjuster at the time, when the building shook; only to find out that the Murrah Alfred Building was blown up. Then that awful fate of September 11, 2001, I was at work witnessing this event on television. I sure thought our world was over! Then in December 2004 the Tsunmai, and the New Orlean Hurricane "Katrina"...

However, the most memorable tragedy occurred March 2005, was when I received a call from my sister, screaming in horror that our 13th year old nephew is dead. I could not do nothing but cry out to God! All that I could remember saying is "OH God", OH God"! I have not being able to talk about that year until now. Our family is approaching the month of March of his passing, and the last memory I had of my nephew was when him and my sister-in-law were leaving to go home. I was just preparing to return home for Dallas Texas (I had just recently moved to Texas). All the kids were on spring break, my son and I decided to spend some time in Oklahoma City, not knowing that would be the last time I see my nephew. My last words to him were "you better put on a coat, it was still a chill in the air! I don't want to see you catch a cold".

You may have notice in my profile, that I mentioned the year of 2005, this is when I birthed Empowered Christian Women. After attending the funeral of my nephew and listening to all the activities, and plays he was involved in school. It made me realize his talent stopped the moment life left his precious body. And here I was burying my gifts that God had placed inside of me! But my nephews death was my turning point to help others. I could not figure out how, or what I need to do to help others. So I started blogging, and over time I healed, and our my family healed! Death comes so quickly and it is painful, but there is good that comes from so much hurt and pain. It allows us to share stories that would strengthen an individual, it allows individuals to revaluate their life. And for some to view the world in a different lens.

So I dedicate this passage to him, even though he has passed on! My nephews memory still live on in my heart.

RIP Andrew Thomas, and all the many people that have lost their lives though some tragic fate!

I had spoke with his father Joshua Thomas (my brother) briefly on how he dealth with the death of his son, click the link to listen Empowered Christian Women.

I pray today for thoses that have recently lost a love one! Strengthen them through their time of grief. In your precious name Jesus Christ! AMEN!

@ 2009 Evelyn J. Johnson aka Lady Evelyn J.
Empowered Christian Women

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

God Will Make Room For Your Gifts

Guess Who? Lady Evelyn J & Dottie Peoples! God said he will make room for your gifts, and place you around people in high places. I never would have imagine meeting this wonderful woman of God! I just know if you keep serving the true and living God, ALL things are possible!

I was a shy person in the past, and probably would never have ask to be photograph with such a great Gospel Singing Personality as "Dottie People", But God changes a person on the inside, and give them boldness.

I was so delighted to have had the opportunity to take this picture, when she visited the church where I was attending. I must say I have watched this woman of God in the Gospel circuit, she has always impressed me with her classy style of dressing, with the flawless hair and makeup!

My hats off to Dottie Peoples, for her heart felt ministry. And for her keeping it stylish!

Remember as Dottie Peoples sings "He's An On Time God

©Evelyn J. Johnson aka Lady Evelyn J.
Empowered Christian Women

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Inspirational Verses

Wanda S. Harris, is the author of Inspirational Verses, she tells about when and why she wrote her book!

I had the great pleasure of interviewing her at blogtalk radio click the link to listen.

Stop by Wanda S Harris's website for details of how to order her book!

Set Your House In Order Financially

The bible speaks of owing no man! And you know in this economy some of us have been left with enormous bills! Now it is time to find your way out of getting out of debt and staying debt free.

If you are ready to be a good steward over your finances.
Click on the link below to find out details about getting your house in order!

Keith Carter RFC®, MBA , is the author of "Yes, I Can Set My House In Order".

Place your order at through PayPal, or call the office at 1-888-580-0937, press option 3 to place an order. Or you can email at to find out further information. Sp
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Shipping and handling will be covered by my company for the next 30 days!

Keith Carter, will be interviewed concerning the book on NEWS9’s Morning Show on Saturday at 7:40 a.m. KWTV9. (When you arrive at site enter at the search field "Keeping Your Finances In order" to view programing.)

This another great friend of the family, that God has placed in our family's path, and I am proud to see the publication of his book!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Ladies Wear Your Red Tomorrow

Ladies Wear Your Red Tomorrow
February 6, 2009
Supporting Women All Over the Nation!!!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

In Search of A Church Home

Are you in search of a church? Let me tell you, my husband's job transfer created a new environment for our family to get familiar with a new city, community, and new christian fellowship. And in our search, I was overwhelmed by how many churches were established, not only here in the current city our family moved too! But even in the previous city our family moved from.

Our family like to interact in a church family of structure, order and unity. So much prayer went into our journey to search for a church. I don't choose to look for a perfect church, but a church that worship the "Lord in Spirit and in Truth". Again, as I stated there are many, many churches, but you must try the spirit of the finding a church by the spirit. Remember always pray, and God will give you an answer to locating a church for yourself or your family.

The transitioning of locating to a new church can be some what of a challenge. But don't get in a hurry to settle for the first church you come across. Keep your prospects open, and visit many churches, until God give you a confirmation that you have found the right place where he wants you to be.
Our family have found a church, and we visited many churches, but kept being drawn back to the one we currently visit now. And each Sunday morning has brought more love, joy and happiness (something the minister spoke about today).

So on your quest for finding a church, we now ask God to direct you to the right place of worship. In his precious name Jesus Christ! Amen!
©2009 Evelyn J. Johnson aka Lady Evelyn J