Saturday, December 20, 2008

Salvation Is Free

We as a nation of people pay for our cars, clothes, food, and shelter you name it! But there is one thing that still remains FREE, and that is SALVATION! I wanted something encouraging, empowering, and spritually motivating to capture the title of this blog today! And I happen to remember the Luis Palau Association, our church supported and participated in the Evangelism Rally in Dallas, Texas in 2007.

So as I visited their website, I came across a very inspirational video at the
Luis Palau Association, and thought I would post it here for your viewing pleasure. Emma Owen's testimony was just powerful, and touching! So click and watch the video.

Remember that SALVATION is FREE!
Be blessed,
Lady Evelyn

Faith Comes By Hearing

Faith Comes By Hearing's website

Faith Comes By

Thanks to "Faith Comes By Hearing", now there is no excuse not to receive the gospel today! Be sure to click on the above link to hear the gospel in your language

Be Blessed!

Lady Evelyn J. Johnson

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Oh Ye of Little Faith

I want to remind you that when you take your eyes off Jesus, that you may sink! Maybe that's what the nations has done, they've taken their eyes off of our Lord. Remember some people wanted the removal of "In God We Trust", and "One Nation Under God". Hum...think about it removing theses symbols of what our founding fathers established the United States of America on, sounds like taking our eyes off of Jesus!
Look at what the world is facing now! We are in a Global Financial Melt Down! It nothing new, we have been though these crisises many times, but as rumors floats around, that this Financial Crisis, would be the worse in history! However, I encourage you my sisters and brothers, to trust in the Lord with all your heart! Never taking your eyes off Jesus, remember when Peter was walking on water, and that the only reason he started sinking, is when he took his eyes off our Saviour! That could be you, but you know the word, and it will set you Free! Christians and sinners are understanding what is taking place in our nation.

I extend to you be strong in the Lord, and continue to pray! Never taking your EYES off JESUS!

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Be Blessed,

©2009 Evelyn J Johnson aka Lady Evelyn J.