Monday, August 18, 2008

Truly Your Steps Are Ordered By God

How many times have you felt like the steps you've made were not your steps? But you physically knew you made them yourself. But spiritually God was walking for you! Think about the great choices you've made many times, only to know that they were ordered by God! Have you ever missed a step? But God was right there to catch you when you fall! I think about "The Foot Print In the Sand" poem. You may have started out with extra foot prints, but in end Jesus see how weary and wounded you get, and he pick you up to carry you along the way!

This is especially for those that don't have a direction, or understand that your steps are truly ordered by God!

Extend your hands up to Jesus Christ, and confess with your mouth That "Jesus Christ is Your Lord and Saviour", and accept him today in your life.

I pray for those that are reading this right now, that they trust in God today! That if they are without a church home, that you direct them to a spiritual place in Jesus Christ I pray! And that they let you truly order their Steps! Amen!

Be Blessed!

Lady Evelyn Johnson

GMWA Women of Worship