Thursday, June 26, 2008

Theresa & Jamie Bulter

I was touched by an interview that my deceased friend wife (Jamie), and his mother (Theresa) gave. These two women are truly Empowered Christian Women, it just give me strength to hear how though the Grace of God that they are able to cope with this matter through a spiritual eye. Are they still angry? Yes! I like what Matt's wife said she spoke to the demon inside these individuals, and "rebuted the devil in Jesus Name"! And she would speaks to human side to say that "they still have a chance to turn their life around".

I know it take a God to get anyone through such a horrific tragedy like this, and I pray God Grace upon this family every day! God has a way of bringing out the good some how! We maynot understand now what the good will be, but in due season God will reveal it.

Please click here to view the interview.

Be Blessed,

Lady Evelyn Johnson

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tribute To Matthew Butler @ Zion Gate Records

I did not know how to really start off saying this, but I was experiencing some anger, when I viewed the comments of a suspect giving an interview. About how the event of the crime, that had taken place, which had left two people dead in the street. I still tear up as I write this! I don't understand people, that go around hurting others, and don't even have a reason for doing what they do! After all the dust has settled, and when they are in their jail cells alone, then maybe God could work on the mind set of individuals that commit violence on others. The two that were killed, were two fine christian gentlemen. I had to ask God for strength, that surpasses all of my understanding in this matter.

I personally knew Matthew Butler, which was one of the victims killed. And my husband and son had just meet Steve Swan approximately 2 weeks before this incident. We attended the services of both the decease, and it was moving! The minister that delivered the message, was so elegant and graceful in his delivery. Matt was a good person, family man, and loving husband. We would be in the recording studio along with Matt, while my son and Matt worked on his recording project, and Matt would have great positive words to say to my son. Matt would alway say to my son, you need to network. And one of Matt's comments to him was "You Rock Man"! I will never forget his face and spirit, and Matt will be missed.....

Please keep his wife, children and Matt's mother in your prayers.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Eastside C.O.C. Acappella Chorus

I received this link from my cousin, who is the first person to your left on the first row singing. I thought they done a wonderful job, and wanted to pass this on to you! Enjoy!

The Artist - K. L. Haggerty

I met Holly Haggerty, while at work and she told me about her and husband's ministry. And I wanted to pass it on to you, so click here to view their site The Artist K. L. Haggerty

Be Blessed

Lady Evelyn J.