Thursday, July 27, 2006

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

I just celebrated my 45th Birthday on July 19, of this years. I thought this was really a milestone in my life to write about. I remember celebrating this age when my parents turned this age, and now it my turn! Hum...I believe I was 23 years old when my mother and dad turn 45 years old. I was single, and living a carefree life, no concerns about what the future hold. Who I was going to marry? How many children I was planning to have? Where I would be living 22 years from now?

I was enjoying my single life at the age of 23 year old. Now I have been tremendous blessed to live to see 45 years old. I have experienced many ups and downs in my life, but I tell servicing a true and living saviour made up for the bad!

I just wanted to take to time out and Thanks God That I am Still here!

Be Blessed!

About the author: Evelyn J. Johnson, is a deacon's wife, pastor daugther, wife, mother, sister, speaker, writer, singer, and is walking in her purpose and destiny that God has pour inside of her. Evelyn is the founder and creator of Empowered Christian Women (Business II Business) website and blogsites listed below:

Evelyn is reaching out to all women to empower, encourage, and to motivate all women spiritually! There is a gift in all of us! God has saw to that when he created us, before he placed us inside of our mother's womb.

So move into your Destiny today!