Thursday, June 22, 2006

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all deserving fathers! Especially to my dad,he was the most hard working gentleman I have ever known. My dad made sure that his family was fed, clothed and had shelter. He was the bread winner of the family, he allowed my mother the opportunity to remain home to oversee the household. God has bless my dad to married to my mother for 44 years!

Dad was an entrepreneur , he sold produce, ice cream cones, and candy from the side of mobile business on wheel. He also was a self-employed roofer, my brothers did the harder work (roofing), and being out the hot weather 247, while the girls did the more softer office work, answering the telephone, writing proposals for my dad business. We were very young when learning how to operate an office. My dad had the best roofer and office pool ever!

Last but not least, my dad is also a well season dynamic Pastor along with his wife Elect 1st Lady Thomas, his sermons are just as powerful as they were when I was growing up listening to him while attending church. I thank God for allowing me to be his daughter, I gained wisdom and strength from him and my mother.

I thank him for being the father God placed in my life, "For Such A Time As This".

If you ever want to hear their ministry via the internet tune into, they broadcast every Saturday morning at 11:30 am - 12pm. They occasionally have open mic times, if you ever call, mentioned to them you received the broadcast information from their daugther Evelyn Johnson.

About the author: Lady Evelyn Johnson, is a mother, wife, sister, speaker, writer, singer, and is walking in her destiny that God has pour inside of her. Evelyn is the founder and creator of Empowered Christian Women website,, and this wonderful blog site Evelyn is reaching out to all women to empower, encourage, and motivate all women spiritually! There is a gift in all of us, God has saw to that when he created us, before placed us inside of our mother's womb. So move into your Destiny today!