Thursday, May 04, 2006

Happy Mother's Day

I want to say "Happy Mother's Day", and would like to especially dedicate this month's blog to my mother she is a wonderful woman. My mother is a very caring and loving woman. God blessed her to raised eight wonderful children. I know this task was not easy, but God gave her grace. My mother has been married to my dad 46 years.

My mother's covering, which was my dad allowed her to be a stay at home mother. Now of course she was not called a stay at home mom years ago. They were called housewives, and since my mother was from the old school she was a chaste keeper at home. She taught us domestic things, as keeping the home clean, and there was never a time dust accumulated inside her home. She made sure chores were assigned to each of us.

My mother was and still is great cook! I would love to come home from school, and I knew she would be in the kitchen whipping up a great meal for the family. I remembers the Sunday's after church, she would cook a pot roast for Sunday supper, and boy were they good! She would have potato salad, 7up Pound Cake with sugar glazed icing, and a vegetable.

I never forget the many night she sit up with her sick children, never complaining about her task! Mother did not even think of herself at times, she only thought of how she was going to provide for her husband and family.

Mother was the disciplinary of the family! When any of us would stray in the wrong direction, she would always correct us with words, or she used the rod of correction.

I love my mother so much, she has a beautiful spirit, and a loving kind spirit. That is why I raise up to call her blessed!

I love you Rosie for the things you've pour into my life! You are a Blessed woman of God!

About the author: Lady Evelyn Johnson, is a mother, wife, sister, speaker, writer, singer, and is walking in her destiny that God has pour inside of her. Evelyn is the founder and creator of Empowered Christian Women website,, and this wonderful blog site Evelyn is reaching out to all women to empower, encourage, and motivate all women spiritually! There is a gift in all of us, God has saw to that when he created us, before placed us inside of our mother's womb. So move into your Destiny today!